The best way to contact me is usually through this blog. Feel free to use the general-purpose contact form. (Comments are also welcome on all posts and pages.)

On the other hand, if the question relates to a specific project, it may be more appropriate and/or convenient to message me via the relevant website (for example, Launchpad).

Open Source

The following are my profile pages on various websites relating to my personal software/programming projects, and some open-source software that I’ve contributed to.

Do see my Projects page for descriptions and statuses of the open-source (and not-so-open-source) projects on which I’ve worked, many still active.


In the past I was a pretty avid user of the well-known StackOverflow site, though my activity has significantly dropped in more recent years. At present, I do sometimes show my presence on the Mathematics, English Language, and History StackExchange sites, as well as others on occasion. If I’m feeling particularly unabashed, I may even venture into the ivory tower that is MathOverflow. Regrettably though, I no longer participate much on these sites, as my life and schedule permit little of such frivolities these days!

The most likely places to catch me online are in the following IRC (Internet Relay Chat) networks and channels, where I habitually idle:

  • ##math, ##logic, ##cs, ##hott, ##physics, ##philosophy, ##security, ##c, ##csharp, #haskell, ##mac, on Freenode;
  • #math, #physics, #c, on EFnet;
  • #mono, on GIMPNet.

My IRC nick is Noldorin (or will at least contain that name) on all of the above networks.


The following is a list of notable competitions and contests in which I have participated (or will soon participate).

  • StartupHacks London 2013. Won 1st place prize, as leader of team of 4. Hackathon event for young entrepreneurs over weekend in November 2013; involved creative, technological, business, and marketing aspects of a brand new startup which is now being developed into a full business.
  • IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 2011. Our rag-tag team somehow placed first in the UK. See my post about it for details.
  • Microsoft RoboChamps 2008. Invited to World Finals in Barcelona, Spain, and placed 3rd overall.
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup 2008. Mainly worked on Herbert.NET project (see Projects page).

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